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Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester

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Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester the most advanced earth tester. We offer the lowest price of earth tester in Bangladesh. Buy now from Tools Bangladesh

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Model: Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester

Fluke 1625-2 GEO Earth Ground Tester offers quick, correct earth ground checking victimization all four test ways.

The Fluke 1625-2 earth ground tester measures earth mishap resistances victimization solely clamps, solely stakes, or one clamp and stakes. With the stakeless check methodology, the Fluke 1625-2 is in a position to live earth mishap resistances for multi-grounded systems victimization solely current clamps. this method eliminates the harmful, and time intense job of disconnecting parallel grounds, and finding appropriate locations for auxiliary ground stakes. this enables you to perform earth ground tests in places you’ve not thought about before, like within buildings, on power pylons, or anyplace you don’t have access to soil.

Keep your choices open if a secure earth ground system doesn't exist for the building or structure underneath check, and there's only 1 path to ground, you'll use the 1625-2 to perform the fall-of-potential check methodology with stakes.

Other useful capabilities:

  • Provides R * measurement that calculates earth ground impedance at 55 Hz to more accurately reflect the earth ground resistance that a fault-to earth ground would see
  • Includes USB port for data storage and transfer
  • Features IP56 rating for outdoor use
  • Offers adjustable limits for quicker testing
  • Comes with a rugged carrying case

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